Our team

The presence of a team of professionals with the skills and experience necessary to manage the vertical integration process of our company is the main strategic factor in Sereco business competitiveness.

The team of engineers specialized in municipal and industrial water and sewage treatment consisting of a strong internal core, with thirty years of experience, integrated with the stable collaboration of top-level consultants, is aimed at offering the best to customers operating in the construction, renovation, expansion and updating of water and sewage treatment plants.

Organization chart

Arianna Ritella

CEO Chief Executive Officer

COO Chief Operating Officer
CHRO Chief Human Resources Officer
CFO Chief Financial Officer

Tommaso Ritella

Chairman of the board of directors

Chief Tender Officer

Francesco Mezzapesa

CAO Chief Accounting Officer

Katia Ritella

IT Officer

Monica Mottola

CCO Chief Commercial Officer

Michele Carrieri

CHSO Chief Health & Safety Officer

Teresa Genchi

Sales Officer

Francesco Fasano

CQTO Chief Quality and Test Officer
Welding Control

Cristina Liuzzi

Customer care

Mustafà Al Aukidy

Business Development

Gianluca Notarangelo

CRDO Chief Research & Development Officer
CPO Chief Production Officer
CFO Chief Technical Officer

Vincenzo Loliva

Manufacturing plant manager
Welding Control

Gaetano Dentamaro

CPO Chief Procurement Officer

Davide Pica


Carmelo Sproviero

Warehouse Physical

Teresa Fusillo

Logistics and accounting warehouse

Danilo Morgese

Lean Coordinator

Francesco Intini

Construction site management

Giandomenico Silvestri

IT specialist

Vito Laera

Installation and start-up supervisor

Antonio Laera

Technical director

Nicola Bruno

Human Resources

Vita Curci

Management secretary

Vertical integration

Maximizing the quality standards has always been the main aim for SERECO. A goal that has been fully achieved thanks to a successful choice: directly manage every step of production process

SERECO develops and controls within the company all actions that lead to final product: from design to engineering, to the finished product by availing for some goods and services of qualified suppliers.

In this way Sereco is able to control at 100% quality and timing of production of all the solutions offered. The care even in the smallest and simplest of the machines manufactured is very high because it will become part of a complex plant designed to obtain water, wastewater and sewage treatment to the best of the resources available.

Reference supplier for the global water market


countries in the world to which we have already exported

+ 1920

plants where you can find SERECO machines

+ 200

different customizable solutions


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